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Water Leak

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The water meter is a wonderful mechanism to facilitate a person turn into a water smart consumer. Learn how to check the meter and monitor water usage in the home.

The meter is situated outside the home in a closed container along with a curb-stop and a consumer-valve. Municipal water distributors control the curb-stop while proprietors kick on or shut water supply to their residence with the consumer-valve. The face of the meter consists of a leak detector, sweep handle and a meter-register. The register of the meter is made of black and white numbers recording water passing through. The leak detector is a star or triangle shaped mechanism that spins to indicate water usage.

Your main water meter is a wonderful tool for leak detection. Unusually high digits on the meter register indicate water wastage. Given that you regularly read the meter, you can identify concealed leaks fast and save a lot of water that otherwise will only go down the drain. High water costs, continuous sound of dripping water when water is turned off, hot spots on floors or fractured walls imply water leak inside or outside your home.

Verify or eliminate the odds of water wastage with the water meter assessment. Record the digits exhibited on your register of the meter. Refine from using water overnight. This means not flushing toilets, running dishwashers or washing machines, turning on faucets or taking showers. The next morning have a second look at your meter. Higher meter readings represent a water leak inside or outside your property.

Take action fast in a situation of a water leak. Summon a Plumber Chicago IL to mend the leaking source or replace a kinked fixture before major water related damage occurs in your property.

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