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Boiler Service & Maintainance

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A boiler service is a set of checks and tests that a Gas Safe engineer performs on the boiler. This ensures your boiler is working efficiently and effectively. A good boiler service means that a Gas Safe engineer checks the correct gas pressure and flow. Apart from that, the flue and combustion of the boiler are also analysed.

What Is Boiler Service?

A boiler service is an annual check and test conducted to ensure that your boiler is working efficiently. It is a service all boiler manufacturers recommend. Your boiler warranty will be void if you do not service your boiler annually. Therefore, it is binding upon you to get your boiler serviced annually.

Boiler service can only be carried out by a Gas Safe Register engineer. You cannot perform it on your own. You might also need a boiler service certificate for your record. A boiler certificate is a proof that the service is carried out by Gas Safe registered engineer and your boiler is safe to operate. Only a Gas Safe registered engineer can provide you with this certificate.

Whether you are a landlord or homeowner, it is your responsibility to ensure the annual boiler service and gas safe check for your tenant and yourself. As per law, every landlord must have a record of boiler service and any other gas appliance check record in the form of Gas Safety Certificate (CP12 certificate).

You cannot overlook the importance of getting your boiler serviced annually as it can lead to various problems. One of the major problems is carbon monoxide poisoning. This can be dangerous for your family. You will also have to live without hot water and heating. An annual service will help ensure that you avoid all those problems.

What’s Included in a Boiler Service?

When you call a Gas Certified engineer for boiler service, he will perform the following:

Visual Inspection: To begin with, a Gas Safe registered engineer will inspect your boiler. You will have to look for a Gas Safe registered engineer yourself. As a rough estimate, hiring an engineer for an annual service will cost you around 100 pounds. The engineer will have a look at your boiler and its control. This will help him to ensure that the parts are working correctly.

During the visual examination, the engineer will pay close attention to any weak points such as gas leaks and corrosion damage. The engineer will also check the flame of the boiler.

Removal of the Casing: Once the Gas Safety registered engineer is done having a look at the boiler from the outside, he will remove the boiler’s casing. He will check the main components of the boiler to make sure they are operating as they regularly should. When the engineer will remove the casing, he will check a couple of things. These include checking the heat exchanger, main injector, burner, and spark probe.

Note: You should never try to open the case of the boiler yourself. It can be dangerous.

Flue Check: By conducting this check, the engineer will make sure there are no obstructions in the flue terminals. He will also check if the flue is safely fitted or not. This will also help him check if any dangerous emissions are being discharged.

Gas Pressure Check: A boiler works with the help of the gas pressure. Therefore, the boiler must have optimum gas pressure at all times. If it doesn’t the water in the taps and radiators will not heat up to the level that it should.

To save you from any such trouble, the Gas Safety registered engineer will also check the gas pressure of your boiler.

Boiler Fired Up: This check allows the engineer to see if there are any working faults in the boiler.

Issuance of Report: After the engineer has thoroughly examined the boiler and he is done conducting all the necessary tests, he will leave a report with you. This report will enable you to see all the problems (if any) in your boiler. The report will also guide you on how to look after your boiler so that it operates efficiently and effectively.

Remember to ask your engineer if he would examine the boiler that you have (state the company’s name and model). Not all engineers work with all types of boilers. Although this is rare but to be on a safe side, you should ask the Gas safety registered engineer before you book the visit.

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