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Slab Leak

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The continuous sound of running water can surely drive one up the wall. Much more than a lightweight irritation, running water along with oddly elevated water bills and a spinning lead detector point out a leaking origin inside or outside your home. Check you home for running water troubles to save on water and money. Tracing the sound to its source may bring you face to face with the water leak. Unfortunately not all water leaks are easily located just from tracking down the sound of running water. In plenty of conditions you will have to ring plumber Chicago IL for leak detection.

If you manage to track down the sound of running water, you will probably be led to a leaking toilet. Leaky toilets spill gallons of water and increase water bills by as much as five hundred dollars. Even though whichever kind of repair ought to be entrusted to reputable plumber Chicago IL, DIY buffs may employ the following guide to mend insignificant toilet leaks.

To Fix a Running Toilet:
Raise top of the tank. If after flushing the toilet the tank is not filling with water, probably the flapper is jammed in position. Reset the flapper. If the toilet continues to flush and water is running over the overflow tube – use your hand to pull up the float. Adjust the position of the float so the tank stops filling when water levels reach an inch (2.5cm) below the top of the overflow tube. Check for leaks using the dye test. Insert several drops of food dye to the tank. If after half an hour colored water appears in the bowl without flushing, water is leaking from the toilet tank. This kind of toilet leak is usually caused by a worn flapper. Install a new flapper to stop the toilet leak.

Slab Leaks
The constant sound of flowing water also points to the formation of slab leaks – hidden water leaks that occur in underground water lines or sanitary sewer pipes. With the exception of high water bills, slab leaks deplete a lot of water and lots of money in structural ruin. Inferior products, poor pipe installation, electrolysis, rusty pipes or high water pressure may all trigger slab leaks in the home.

Leaking Slab Indicators
The following signals point to a slab leak in or around your home:

  • Elevated water bills
  • Constant sound of dripping water
  • Damp patches
  • Unpredicted water-pressure-fluctuations
  • Sudden changes in water temperature

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