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Leak Detection

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Plumbing leaks not only waste gallons of water but also leak out money from your wallet. High water bills and water related damage can add up to thousands of dollars in unnecessary spending. Plumber Chicago offers leak detection services to stop fast water escape from burst pipes, slab leaks, dripping faucets, and running toilets

Statistics reveal that 1 in every 318 homes leaks, while 1 in every 20 swimming pools leaks. The above numbers indicate that plumbing leaks are common occurrences in homes, offices and commercial buildings. Plumbing leaks waste gallons of water, inflate water bills and damage ceilings, floors, and walls of properties, as well as ruin indoor belongings. Many mechanical faults cause pipes to split open and release water to above ground or underground surroundings. In addition to cracked pipes, leaky plumbing fixtures such as dripping faucets and shower heads can also let out gallons of water before they are repaired.

Common Causes of Leaks
. Poor workmanship
. Inferior construction of piping and fittings from low quality materials
. Poor plumbing maintenance of drains
. Pipe corrosion, weak valves, loose fitted pipes, defective plumbing parts

How much Gallons of Water do Leaks actually Waste?
. A pipe hole no larger than 1/8″ wastes 2500 gallons of water in a day
. A running toilet will leak out 90,000 gallons of water over a month and increase water bills by $500
. A pinhead crack can leak out 360,000 gallons of water annually – more than enough to fill up 12,000 bathtubs
. A dripping faucet or leaky garden hose wastes up to 180 gallons of water on a monthly basis and 2,160 gallons over a year
. A pool leaks out 1000 gallons of water in a day

Although you’ll probably require the expertise of a Chicago plumber to fix the source that leaks out water, you can certainly detect yourself a plumbing leak. Rarely do leaks go unnoticed – even the most concealed leak will issue a range of warning signs. All you have to do is identify the various signs and symptoms of leaks.

Common Warning Signs of Leaks
. Exceptionally high water bills
. Changing water meter readings
. Sewer odors
. Damp or discolored walls
. Chronic sewer backups
. Damp and cracked concrete or slab
. Damp areas under carpets
. Mildew

Pool Leak Signs
. Crack formation in pool shell
. Wet concrete deck
. 1/8″ drop in water levels in 24 hours
. Pool shell caves into ground
. Algae growth soon after chemical treatment
. Loose or falling tiles
. Rapid grass growth and water patches surrounding pool
. Water is released from automatic filler

Ignoring plumbing leaks will not do you justice, only harm. Protect your wallet and the environment by avoiding leaks in the first place with regular plumbing maintenance. Should you detect a leak just call Plumber Chicago for immediate repair.

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