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Air Conditioning Repair Service

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The worst thing that can happen on a hot day is having your air conditioning fail. At Plumber Chicago IL, we understand the frustration that an uncomfortably hot house can cause. If you have problems with your AC, call us and we’ll send our knowledgeable AC repair technicians over. We serve clients throughout the Chicago Area

Check for Issues

There are various signs that something may be wrong with your air conditioner. If it doesn’t produce as much cool air as it should or cools your house unevenly, those are both symptoms of a problem. Other problems you might see include loud or unusual noises coming from your unit or a higher electric bill. If you notice your AC doesn’t work as well as it should, call us immediately. We will diagnose the problem and fix it quickly..

Repair The Problem

Once we have diagnosed what is wrong with your AC, we will fix it promptly. Most repairs range from $150 to $500 in cost. If repair won’t fix the problem, we can replace your unit with a new, updated model. We provide 24/7 service, so if you experience a problem that needs to be resolved urgently, we will come over and take care of it right away.

Common AC Problems

The cost of repairing your air conditioner depends on the issue your AC is facing. We consider jobs like tune-ups, capacitor replacements, fan motor repair, and refrigerant recharges to be relatively minor.


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